Why we suggest touring with us?

Eagle Rock Adventures will take you and your sense of adventure to the next level.

We specialise in canyoning, abseiling, kayaking, bushwalking and multi-day adventures into the wilderness.

We can take you to the deepest, darkest, highest, most exposed, most secluded and most beautiful places in and around Sydney for magical, adrenalin-filled experiences.
With the help of our expert guides and quality equipment, descend water-carved canyons, explore ancient rainforest, swim through and leap into deep still pools, bounce down and scale towering cliffs, scramble over boulders or hike into stunning valleys as we explore landscapes that have been millions of years in the making.
We will take you on adventures where you discover not only wonderful new places but your own amazing potential.


An idvidual booking is well suited for those with determination and enthusiasm to learn a new hobby or interest at a very controlled pace. If you would like to get amongst the Blue Mountains and learn a few things then we can put together the right package to suit your needs.


We recognise that most of our clientell make bookings as couples, so be sure to ask us about our couples price rates.


Groups of five or people can receive huge discounts on pricing! Theres nothing better then bringing all your friends along to enjoy an awesome adventure together with you! We love what we do, some might say a bit too much, and we bring enthusiasm and commitment to every adventure we guide.

Social Groups

Weather you are from a coffee club or a social adventure club, we are sure that we can find an adventure that will knock the socks off your social group and leave them amazed at what value they will get out of a social group tour!


School group tours are operated with an educational focus. Pupils learn about the sensitive environments which surround our outer city limits. We can provide return transport for 48 students per day to each of our activities.

We have extremely knowledgable guides for school groups that ensure all of your students will gain valuable knowledge that will follow them throughout their lives.

Bucks Parties

Get the boys together! Push the groom to his limit! We will teach him all about committing to taking those first important steps over the edge!

Each of our tours have group limits so let us know what you have in mind so we can taylor the right tour for the size of your group.


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Canyoning / Abseiling Guide
  • Abseiling 91%
  • Canyoning 96%
  • Combo's 94%
Canyoning / Abseiling Guide
  • Abseiling 92%
  • Canyoning 96%
  • Combo's 94%
Abseiling / Canyoning Guide
  • Abseiling 87%
  • Canyoning 85%
  • Rainforest Canyoning 82%
Abseiling / Hiking Guide
  • Hiking 87%
  • Abseiling 77%
  • Rainforest Canyoning 82%



Abseiling, or rappelling as it is called by many mountaineers, is sliding down a rope under controlled conditions. The term comes from the German word ``abseilen,`` which translates as ``top rope down.``


Canyoning involves the use of abseiling, jumping and sliding to get from the top of a canyon to the bottom. It involves the use of mountaineering and white water skills to successfully descend a canyon, and canyons can be anything from a steep wide open river, to a deep narrow slot canyon only a couple of feet wide.


Kayaking is the use of a kayak for moving across water. It is distinguished from canoeing by the sitting position of the paddler and the number of blades on the paddle.


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We can provide you with return transport on one of our vehicles to and from Sydney CBD.


If you want to take your memories home with you then ask us about our photography service. We hire out gopro's and also have a photographer who can accompany you on your tour.

What our clients saying

"My partner and I took the canyoning tour with the two jordans as our guides. They were amazing, super helpful, supportive and friendly, making the day a fantastic experience. I have already recommended eaglerock to everyone I know! Reviewed 16 November 2014"

“Most amazing experience!” Leah J

@Creative Agency

"I'm an experienced traveller who has been chasing something new for a while. Abseiling and canyoning seemed to fit the bill and friends recommended I look up these guys. No regrets at all! The experience was the perfect balance between safe and exciting, the group I was with were amazing and the instructors were extremely fun and professional. There were mixed levels of experience in our group, and whether you were a beginner or more advanced everyone…"

“Treasured experience of a lifetime” Pete

@Web Planet

"This was one of the most extreme and amazing trips I have ever been on! We went with James and Josh to the Blue Mountains to do abseiling and canyoning. They were really great guides who managed to stay cool and calm no matter what. My group had so much fun and I would recommend everybody to go try it out! Visited October 2014"

“Abseiling and canyoning adventure” Mie


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